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There are different types of insurance available in our market and choosing the best one will benefit you. So you need the right specialist advice, which is why we present it to you

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Most frequent questions and answers

This depends on your business, your clients and the contracts you’re taking on. If you’re certified by your industry body (for example, a chartered surveyor), then you must have professional indemnity insurance in order to operate. But even if it’s not mandatory for your job, professional indemnity cover will still be a priority for most consultants.

For example, your client may require you to have £250,000 of professional indemnity insurance in place before taking on their project. We offer between £50,000 and £5 million in PI cover, so it should be a quick job to find the right level for your policy.

From there, lots of businesses choose to include public and product liability cover – in case they cause an accident – plus insurance for their tools and other kit. And remember, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for most businesses with employees.

There’s no definitive answer here and it’s entirely down to your own judgement. If a contract has gone entirely to plan, you may choose to keep your professional indemnity insurance live for only three years after the contract finished. If it was a particularly large contract, you may want to keep it longer. The important thing to remember is that keeping a professional indemnity insurance policy live throughout your contracting career (and beyond) will ensure you’re covered for any mistake that could come to light in the future.

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There are different types of insurance available in our market and choosing the best one will benefit you. So you need the right specialist advice, which is why we present it to you

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