Jensten Group Restructuring

The UK insurance group Jensten has announced a business restructuring, with its managing general agent (MGA) operation, Jensten Underwriting, now functioning as an independent business unit.

UK-based insurance broking and underwriting company, recently unveiled a restructuring plan to foster growth and enhance the integration of its acquisitions. Here are the key points:

1. Jensten Underwriting:

2. Wholesale Division:

3. Leadership Changes:

4. Growth Ambition:

5. Recent Fundraising:

Jensten Group Restructuring:

  • The UK insurance group Jensten has recently announced a significant restructuring of its operations to enhance focus and efficiency.

Jensten Underwriting Independence:

  • As part of this restructuring, Jensten Underwriting, the group’s managing general agent (MGA) operation, will now operate as an independent business unit.
  • This change aims to provide greater autonomy and specialized management to Jensten Underwriting.

Strategic Goals:

Market Positioning:

  • Operating independently, Jensten Underwriting can better leverage market opportunities, innovate in underwriting, and respond swiftly to industry changes.

Leadership and Vision:

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