Prudential Life Insurance UK’s New Offering “Wealth Adoration” provides Filipinos with life insurance coverage, guaranteed annual payouts, and cashback over 7 years

Prudential Life Insurance UK’s New Offering: “Wealth Adoration” provides Filipinos with life insurance coverage, guaranteed annual payouts, and cashback over 7 years. Wealth Adoration is a unique financial product that combines life insurance coverage with attractive financial benefits. Let us break down its features:

Guaranteed 4% Annual Cash Payout for 7 Years:

  • Regardless of market conditions, customers receive a guaranteed annual cash payout of 4% based on the single premium paid
  • The regular and reliable payouts offer financial stability, serving as a dependable resource to fulfil a range of needs and achieve important milestones.

Up to 125% Insurance Coverage:

    • Wealth Adoration provides insurance coverage of up to 125% based on the single premium paid.
    • This coverage ensures peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

100% Cash Back After 7 Years:

    • At the end of the 7-year coverage period, you will receive 100% of the premium paid, regardless of market fluctuations.
    • This cash back feature adds an extra layer of financial security.

Product Details:

  • Payment Term: Available through a one-time payment.
  • Duration of Coverage: 7 years.
  • Age Requirement:
    • Insured: 7 days to 60 years old.
    • Policyowner: 18 to 99 years old.
  • Minimum Single Premium: Starts at PhP500,000.00.

Discover “Wealth Adoration” by Prudential, the ultimate Filipino insurance solution. Offering comprehensive coverage and financial nurturing, it is your path to security and prosperity. Trust Prudential for a future filled with abundance and stability.

Important Considerations:

  • If the Life Insured passes away because of an accident within 180 days of the incident, the death benefits will be adjusted by subtracting any outstanding policy loans and the associated accrued interest from the total amount.
  • Terms and conditions, including cash back provisions, apply.
  • Limited time offer, subject to availability.

Contact a PRU Life UK agent to learn more about Wealth Adoration and how it can help you ensure legacy and guaranteed earnings for your family. Embrace life’s journey with confidence in their future

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